Who would want to eat something called a hushpuppy?  Well, believe it or not – a lot of people!  Hushpuppies are small, deep-fried round balls made from a cornmeal-based batter.  They are usually served as a side dish or an appetizer with seafood.  According to foodreference.com, the name “hushpuppy” supposedly originated when Southern hunters were gathered around cooking, and the dogs would bark and beg for food.  To keep the dogs quiet, they would give the pups bits of cornmeal batter with the admonition, “hush, puppy!”.

Sounds weird, right?  Well, not as odd as the other supposed origin of hushpuppies.  It is claimed cornmeal used to be considered a lowly food choice rather than something a southern wife would want to be caught consuming.  At first, they kept “hush about it  .”Now perfectly prepared hushpuppies afford chefs bragging rights!

Another wise tale is that during the civil war, confederate soldiers were preparing meals around the campfire when they heard Union soldiers in the distance.  To keep their dogs quiet, they fried some cornmeal, gave it to the dogs, and said, “hush puppies.”

There are so many more stories about where this unique name came from.  But we have concluded that it doesn’t matter what the name is or where it originated – all that matters is how delicious they are.  I never expected that researching the origin of hushpuppies would produce so many random hushpuppy facts and fiction, but here we are, and now I’m craving hushpuppies!

Nonetheless, hushpuppies are a staple in the South.  You won’t find hushpuppies often served with Northern or Western meals.  But down here in South Carolina and especially at Bubba’s Fish Camp – you’ll find the best hushpuppies you’ve ever had!


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