A staple dish from California to the Carolinas, pulled pork is delicious, inexpensive, and provides plenty of opportunity for creativity! At Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse, we don’t take too many things seriously, but pulled pork is something to get excited about! Join us for a bit of background on this flavorful, fit-for-a-feast food.

Pulled pork most likely originated in the American South. The Spanish brought the newly discovered barbacoa North as they continued to explore the new world. If you are a fan of pulled pork, you know that barbacoa is Spanish for barbecue but also a way to cook meats. In the pre-colonial days, it could simply be a fire pit used to roast the meat for hours before shredding it and eating it. Natives then copied the design brought by the Spanish, and by the time the Colonies started to form, slow-cooking a whole pig was a southern institution.

Pork has long been an important commodity in the south. It doesn’t require the extensive grazing lands that cattle do. They tend to be better foragers; they grow quickly and are an affordable and readily available protein source. Even better, when expertly barbecued, it becomes one of the most mouth-watering delicious dishes ever made!

Pulled pork comes from the shoulder and leg of the pig. One is commonly called Boston Butt, the other a Picnic Roast. We recommend you go for the Boston Butt. It tends to be more tender and moist and shreds perfectly when cooked right. You may also commonly hear the term pork butt. This term comes from the barrels in which the inexpensive pork cuts were stored. These barrels were called butts. It strikes many people as odd that the shoulder is called the butt, but at least now you know why it is called that. Just for clarification, the hind legs, aka the butt of the pig, are where we get hams.

When it comes to cooking pulled pork, you will find that people have firm opinions about how it is prepared and served. But the important part is that you must cook the meat at a lower heat for a long time. While the sauce is important, cooking it low and slow gives you the perfect pull-apart deliciousness we all crave. At Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse, we dry brined our meats with a house seasoning before we toss the Boston Butts into the smoker and let them smoke for 14 hours. Then we pull it apart and shred it to be served with your choice of sauce.

Any time someone is willing to put more than 14 hours into making your meal, it is worth trying! We ensure that we uphold the southern traditions and that our pulled pork is the kind of quality that would make those who came before us proud! We know that you will love the pulled pork we serve!


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