Welcome to Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse!  This restaurant is the newest concept from the mastermind behind the Divine Dining Group.  We are constantly working to bring new and exciting restaurant concepts to the Myrtle Beach area, and we are confident that Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse will be just that.  A completely new and unique restaurant to the Myrtle Beach food scene, Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse pull some inspiration from a sister restaurant Bubba’s Fish Camp, to feature classic seafood dishes with the typical Divine twist and incorporates the delights of a smokehouse.

When you enter the parking lot, it is hard to not engage in the visual delight that the recently renovated building provides.  The outside of the building could easily be confused with a boat warehouse or a fishing outfitter.  From the boats hanging along the outside of the windows to the “live bait” sayings located on the outside of the building, Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse immediately grabs your attention and invites you in the front double doors.  This restaurant certainly doesn’t resemble anything else in the surrounding area.

Once inside, you can sense that Divine Dining Group’s Director of Design has left her touch on the restaurant.  She has designed restaurants that have progressed from beachy to shabby, to shabby sheik to contemporary, and everything in between.  She has been on the cutting edge of the design industry and a trendsetter for decades.  This restaurant is no different.  Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse strongly emphasizes southern hospitality and commitment to making you feel welcome from both the customer service and the decor.  This is a restaurant you want to sit in and enjoy the surroundings.

It is hard to ignore the large host stand once you walk in the front doors, but compared to many local restaurants, this host stand provides a small level of privacy for the guests in the restaurant.  It is nice to have a visual break.  Besides the host stand, you will immediately notice the hardwood floors and wall textures.  Warm, welcoming, and inviting, these textures are intentionally used to make you feel comfortable and provide you with a sense of “I belong here”.

Behind that host stand is where the excitement really begins.  Sure, there are tables and chairs; it is a restaurant, after all.  But the other decor is what draws you in.  Multi-colored, wooden chairs welcome you to every table and booths for two lines a wall decorated with rigging rope behind the bar (…. We will talk about the bar later!).  The tables and chairs are welcoming and the perfect size for all the food to be delivered to your table.  When you look up, you will see fishing lures, nets, large boat models, boat motors,  and uniquely painted fish, some of them painted as a nod and thank you to those serving in our armed forces.

One of the other things you can’t miss when you look up is the several large-screen televisions playing everything from ESPN to Atmosphere TV.  For those that don’t know, atmosphere tv shows videos of all kinds of cool things like fly fishing, hunting, boating, underwater sea life, scuba diving, etc.  Think “the best of YouTube” on a large tv while you are sitting to enjoy your meal.  It is a great way to keep the kids entertained and us adults too!

You also have a chance to sit at our awesome bar!  Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse has a full-service bar capable of making traditional drinks like an Old Fashioned, Daiquiri, and wine, but also fun new drinks like our S’mores Campfire, a unique drink that tastes exactly as it sounds.  Beyond the liquor, our bar has the potential for 24 different beers on tap.  Of course, you will see traditional offerings like Bud Light and Michelob Ultra, we are a golf town, after all, but we will also have the option to carry seasonal and local craft options.  We are really excited about this bar!

If you look up from the bar taps, you will notice a chalkboard with exquisite artwork providing suggestions for appetizers, drinks, seafood, and smokehouse items.  It is playful and creative but also a huge help if you have not yet visited Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse.

Don’t step away from the bar too quickly, or you may miss one of the most remarkable features in the restaurant.  The bar top itself is a work of art!  Divine Dining Groups Director of Design strikes again with her extreme creativity using images of fish to cut into the bar top and create eye-catching imagery.  You should make sure you tag us when you post pictures on your chosen social media platform.  These decorations are as eye-catching as they would be if you pulled them out of the water on the end of a fishing line!

Last but certainly not least, you can’t miss the meat smoker in the northeastern corner of the dining room.  Constantly filled with brisket, ribs, chicken, pork, and sausage, the smell that permeates through the restaurant when the staff opens the doors to pull out your dinner is absolutely DIVINE!  (Pun intended).  It is a true visual treat to see the smoke roll out the doors and towards the ceiling as our staff opens them.

From the hardwood floors to the unique bar top, to the decor hanging from the ceiling, to the staff ready to welcome you and serve you, Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse was designed around one core idea: Divine Dining Group has always focused on, and been committed to bringing our devotion, innovation, excellence, and integrity with the goal of providing the perfect dining experience to every guest, every day!



Are you curious to know more about our offerings?  Check out our menu here:  https://bubbasfishcamp.com/food/

Bubba’s Fish Camp & Smokehouse is proud to be a member of the Divine Dining Group family of restaurants.  You should check out all our restaurants here: www.divinedininggroup.com